September 9, 2008

Just like that

It was 10.00 pm, the rain was lashing at the ground: it was so peaceful sitting there and just listening to the rain... more like a break from conventional life. The pleasure of having an elaichi tea at this hour was more than welcome. So we head for the canteen, the borrowed money waiting to be spent, the empty feeling to be driven away and the night to last a little longer than usual.

The Discussion

At the brink of the first chapter to be studied for test:
a whole world of guilt swallowed by the tiny hope: we can do it, still... can we do it???

Really, is it impossible to score at the exam if you start off one day before or even an hour before. Isn't it an indirect insult to our memory / brain power if we are not able to grasp the one hour of subject in the class when we can recall every single shit Dr. House has to say? Damn!
Thus Assclown ( lets call him that for now ) reeled off. Basically he had absolutely no idea of what or why he was saying, but I, I think I do ( no, you'll have to wait longer for this ... really long ...)

He continued....
The feeling that there's so much to do, so little time
1) So many series to be completed, but wait there are tests ...
2) So many juniors waiting to be fucked, but they got these tests too ..
I don't know how the seniors felt about us when we laid our steps here but the juniors are getting on my nerves, dam ready to explode.. " sir, but we have bio tute tommorow, we have a chem tute tommorrow."... assholes, really!!
( Finished sipping at the tea )
What I Felt: The second year has truly been an eyeopener in many ways and it promises so much more. One of the things, perhaps the most important of all for any human, it has started a renewed way of thinking. When you know it, its like, like...

Conclusion? { for the sake of those who survived this far };

As we set down our double teas and chewed on the chocolates,
as we moved through the canteen chock-a-block with students,
as the rain fell softly on our unshaven faces,
as the moonlight carried us back to the hostel,
as the fresh air gave us new hope ( so did the tea ),
it was as if a voice-over from the films rent the air
" NEVER Give Up"

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