November 10, 2008

Dis connection

75 days of great holidays. Its a shame to admit I have seen just two movies with my friends. The film industry was unable to catch in on the home-coming, having-hols and I'm-enjoying-at-home teens; bad luck to them and to us because we ended up watching the worst ones of our lives.

So on a fine Sunday morning we planned to go to Kismat Konnection, a Hindi film (mis)directed by Ass Mizer.  Putting behind the blockbusters the director delivered in the yesteryears we headed to catch a bus and tore through the city in the super-fast Metro Express reaching just in time. 

Wrong fact 
# 1: One way of deciding how good a film is to look at how good-looking the viewers are
# 2: Tickets being sold out is indicates a blockbuster movie

Right through the movie we were treated to:

  • Shitty jokes
  • Poor storyline and direction
  • Worst songs and screenplay
Halfway through we understood that people are still sitting through only for the bucks they shelled. It was such a great relief to be out in the streets from the maddening movie. 
Never happened like this since Sawariya.

Note: Two summers later the author had a chance to revisit those memories with I hate Love Stories

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