June 24, 2009

Maintaining friendship with girls

Note: This is stuff being written in 2014, but stuff which I always followed right from the beginning of my back-friendship with school friends. Although the title says girls--because these thoughts struck me only when I became part of a group that also had girls--it applies to every friend.

  • never talk about another girl or guy to them
    • unless you are discussing something bad :D
  • don't tell everything you feel, wait for the right time esp. the good things. Something like using weapons in times of crisis.
  • when you feel like buying them something, don't sit with that thought; go ahead and implement that. 
  • don't plan anything, it will fail: listen to your heart and mind. 
  • don't hide misunderstandings for long, you will end up hurting her. 
  • how she feels is how you feel she feels, if you listen closely enough

June 2, 2009


Five things you will hate doing
  1. Telling a campus senior that you are working at a small company when you meet him on the way to PS-I
  2. Showing the middle finger when you want to suggest the word Sensex in a game of dumb sharats
  3. Getting down from the bus at a stop earlier than yours and then walking all the way to the next one lest people would laugh if you got back in
  4. Drinking Espresso just because you come to a place you call office when you actually hate its taste
  5. Explaining colleagues a topic you have just read from the net when they already know it well
  6. Putting up unrelated stuff in the title link :)

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