August 23, 2012


Its been a month since the convocation back in Pilani and what I'm left with are the fleeting but strong moments and they don't seem to ever leave. Uday said he would write about the experience in a 'non-gay' manner (whatever that means) but I knew that Nobel prize winning piece will take a little longer to come out so as usual I go first.

The convo started with Uday and me rushing to make it to the rehearsal scheduled at 4 PM. And me distorting reality by getting him to believe that I would be catching the 9 AM train from Delhi Cantt whereas I was supposed to reach Delhi airport at 8:40 AM.

9:00 AM 
I start coming out of the airport hoping to catch the network. Call Uday who's waiting near the station. 

9:30 AM 
We decide to reach ISBT and catch a bus to Pilani but we end up missing it just. 

9:45 AM: 
Collected Uday from the railway station where we were supposed to board a train at 9 :D

11:00 AM: 
We started from ISBT in the legendary Haryana roadways and knew the familiar torture we put ourselves into. Scorching heat, crowded bus, traffic and a drugged sleep.

4:00 PM: 
After a lot of sleeping and swaying finally we make it to Loharu.

4:15 PM
So then we called up some friends attending the rehearsal and they replied in a sweet voice that if we missed the rehearsal we would not be allowed to attend the main event the next day. Part of the curse of being a dualite is that you need to know two generations on either side when you needed favors like these.

4:30 PM
I started wondering if I unnecessarily postponed the journey for the morning just for watching Dark Knight Rises on Friday night itself. But I didn't worry about it too much, because anyways I would thoroughly enjoy irritating everyone with spoilers from the movie except of course, Uday who envisioned the movie in his head by reading the comic :P Just kidding being a cat woman fan he ensured that he watched the movie on Friday itself.

4:45 PM 

Reached the hostel and after abusing the driver a little more we reached the room. Clever Pilani boys put the keys somewhere on top of the ventilator. Reached for them, opened the door, threw our luggage in the room and picked up our convo gowns. And started sprinting from VK to the Audi. 

4:55 PM
Huffing and puffing we reached the Audi, just to find out that the dual degree students call just started.

5:00 PM
Our names were announced and we had to go on stage to collect the mock certificate and then it dawned realize we made it in time :D

That was the epic start to Convo 2012.


What follows next is a bit of random notes, really couldn't put myself to string them together. Maybe I'd write a program that would take the keywords and string them together into whole sentences, like some of the English journalist essay questions in school exams. 

imag 0645

The BITS Pilani journey of course does not end with clearing all the courses and taking your certificates as BITSAA proclaims "the journey continues...". But its time for the feeling of graduation to sink in. We are graduates of BITS Pilani and nobody can change that.

Its time to look back a little bit and learn where our strengths lie

what 'trying out' means

capture those moments so that u can go revisit them anytime

One day I would like to raise a toast standing in front of the clock tower. To Pilani: my muse, my beloved, my ... :D

the fingers pic with the caption

Sitting in the auditorium at BITS Pilani I suddenly started to feel weak, not physically but mentally. How does anyone get the energy to do so many things? Why is there a need for us to constantly re-invent or challenge the status quo. Explains why some people in the government are fed up by it. 

And the answer ultimately is that we take on extraordinary challenges and  because of our passion: be it towards programming, Something tells me I have found my passion in business development, but how can I be sure about it when 

How can champions have that much of extraordinary passion? And as I go to take the degree certificate

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