December 14, 2013


The last year has been entirely what I had imagined it would be,
  • me lashing out at things that shouldn't be tolerated, 
  • blasting a couple childhood friends who still seem to be stuck in the past, 
  • changing impressions and mindsets of people within the many gangs I've been part of  
  • trusting my instincts more and just going for it. 
  • And then emptying the baggage all through, letting people and feelings pass by..
So I had transitioned from the extremely inward looking, emotionally detached person to something more of an ambivert (the dual thing has got me big time) and becoming more and more dependent on the people closest to me. But I feel I've struck a balance now, maybe that's for a later post.

And the good things: 
  • Growth and contribution at work
  • Some timeless memories and moments of epiphany
  • Self-discovery, discovery of others and overcoming insecurities
  • Gaining maturity but not really feeling like 24; still feels like 22 although the number makes me feel grown-up! 
Well here's what I envision for the coming year: to RISE.

The idea is to squeeze in two days worth in a single day,
At the same time maintaining work life balance
More physical & mental exercise and to compete 
Achieving the untapped potential, or the visualized potential
And yes, exploring life outside office :D 
PS. This time I'm not in a hurry, want to relive every moment


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