June 2, 2014

In the age of bashing and swearing

My friend was surprised and shocked to hear me hurl abuses while in traffic the other day. Verbosity was never my attribute and abuses, many thought, I never used much. But here's an experiment I've been running on myself; why should I be patient seeing people commit a mistake right in front of me. If I can, safely, teach them a lesson then why not.

Perhaps a bit of more calmness is required cause letting the steam off can be detrimental to ourselves; we loose our cool on even the smallest of things. But the key lies here doesn't it:
  • We must be able to send out a strong message lest people take us for granted or think that we wouldn't say anything or worse, think we are not capable of standing up against them anyway.
  • While at the same time we should not let the anger affect us, we must also be able to teach them a lesson and make them realize. I think it simply boils down to how we like to be dealt with in case we are the ones who commit such a mistake. A little bit of restraint is required we must not lose cool for every small thing and instead work on how to address it.
Well safe driving.

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