January 11, 2009

Nineteen On The Train

Single-digit temperature, a crowded circle and Delhi-going buses were to be the last of the eighteenth year. A hearty discussion with a friend whilst others slept rolling from side to side, a phone call... lots of phone calls actually; and the rising sun were the first things of the last-teen year, 19. So, much for the hype, but nineteen is really special as I've come to feel in its first month.

Things you'd like to know: ranging from a variety of nonsensical topics to the coolest softwares/ products; meeting friends in an altogether new light; developing a general code of living without even knowing it and actually being responsible & thoughtful in the most tensed-up situations with a hope for change. 19 makes you see things differently and, if realizations are followed, teaches more than you could ever know rendering a new 'you'.

Yet, nineteen is nothing without its predecessor, a year that troubled and taught and lit up the spirit. November 2008: I clearly remember wishing everyone "sweet november" at midnight not knowing what one hell of a month I had tagged as sweet. Things started the very first week through fever and weakness, a burning desire to run home that never existed before, most badly performed tests and an empty feeling.
Sometimes, you just know that things are not going to be okay, that anything you do will worsen the situation and you still have to do it. But, one year at college taught hope, that its better to do something than nothing, that things will be alright and they were by november ending. December wasn't deadly because of the change in thinking that november induced yet the latter's stain-coat was weather-proof.

The journey will serve the-one-special-thing-to-do-on-your-birthday question: travel 1600KM through the country, having fun...


What has changed over the last four months? Everything. A realization followed by a careless wave of the hand or a day of inactivity, a song or a movie discussion right from bathrooms to classes, friends to chill out with was the daily menu! No complaints, no regrets.
As we have seen, " if you haven't crashed yet, you are not going fast enough ".


Dhoni says, " Each day you have to start from scratch, it doesn't matter what you've done or what you are capable of doing.
It is important to keep thinking and doing. " [ He is undoubtedly one of the greatest captains ever ]

Before I end this new year preface here is a beautiful quote:

" If you are very possessive about something it is always a good idea to let go of it. "

Difficult thing to follow, but sounds wonderful to hear.
A belated Happy New Year and elated birthday wishes to friends, elephants and all the trees back home.

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