February 18, 2012

Under the starry sky

Like everyday, we went out on our post-dinner walks alongside the canal and got to the regular spot. The tiresomeness of the week and in particular of today's was very evident from the fact that none of us were talking very much and were in slightly touchy moods.

We sat for a moment and then lay down allowing a full view of the night sky stretching from eye to eye. Staring at stars can do one of the following to you:
  • Make you recall the times when you lay down simply looking at the stars. Repeat. 
  • Take you back in time and also make you think of the future: how the stars would look the next time, whether we would remember this moment. Repeat. 
  • And importantly, take you to different locations. How many people from how many places are currently looking at the same sky with the same feelings. Repeat. 
I traveled back to the places and the people, trying to make sense out of random things. Ironically, the book title which caught my attention today read "Fooled by randomness" 

Lesson: Don't be fooled by the randomness! 

February 11, 2012

~~ A spoiler ~~ O_o ?#@!#!

I always felt weird, rather funny when my cousins and a few of my friends yelled at me for revealing/sharing parts of a movie or a novel in fragments.

I felt an individual would watch that movie or read that book irrespective of me giving them parts of it.

I dint really know that the thrill or excitement of watching  a movie would be lost when they get to know even the slightest part of the movie before hand! For I, would watch a movie I intend to, with full interest and a clear mind even if some one had told me about it earlier!
Different mindsets and different school of thought of course,
                            but now, 
I know 
of having posted a spoiler.

Here's the Story

~~ A Spolier ~~
It was on MA (the chat line used by UBS). People across the globe, who work for UBS(which is obvious) are present on MA.
There is a channel #Film_Society on MA where in one can find some real good list of movies watched by individuals.
I had watched Vertigo(1958, Alfred Hitchcock's) last night and I happened to post on #Film_Society about that movie. 
I said ...
               "Watched Vertigo yesterday, for a while I thought all that drama by Madeline/Judy was to help Scottie over come his acrophobia (Was reminded of Shutter Island), 
but a nice twist at the end (the Murder of Gavin's wife)."
Literally I would have been thwacked with king sized Solanum lycopersicum and eggs for having revealed the movie in short. That was a massive spoiler to many movie lovers and they were all disheartened. The kind of feeling kids usually get when they miss Birthday Surprises ! o_O ~~ 
I apologized for having thrown a spoiler and they insisted each one to forewarn people about spoilers from any one henceforth. 

End Story


A few commandments to ensure you don't hurt movie lovers

* Thou play not with others emotions (like thrill,  Euphoria ExcitementCuriosity,) 
* Thou must ensure that you warn people in prior in order to not dishearten them.
* Thou should learn to control thou excitement and must take great care before posting stuff that could screw you left right center!!

~~~ A lesson learnt ~~~ 

The small moments that make up life

Its raining today, the sort of rain which would make little children go happy with excitement although it is a gloomy scene outside. Thunder, dark clouds, more rain and cool breeze; it couldn't get better. We associate many things in life with our senses/feelings about different things.

  • Doesn't the sight of little kids riding with their siblings on bicycles transport you to the time when you had such rides too?
  • Or the smell of your old books carry you back to the time when your warm hands were actually writing something on it? 
  • As you prepare to leave your first year hostel doesn't the smallest of breeze brings back memories although you never noticed the breeze let alone how you felt when it blew. 

I like re-watching movies which I associate with a particular weather and particular mood, and so today I decided to watch Dhobi Ghat, the sound of rain numbed by the windows in the background. The film is about memories, places, emotions and of finding meaning in the smallest of things. And its characters are as real as one could get.

Its a sort of movie which would make you want to go back in time and search for those things your life is made up of. It makes you feel more conscious of everything, and be a little alone and spend time with yourself. Maybe walk by the beach and just listen to the sea, wave after wave. Or lie flat on the roof and watch the twinkling stars, losing count every now and then. Or just breathe in the fresh smell of rain hitting the earth, looking at the many many drops...

If these small things can take you back in time, they can take you ahead as well! 

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