December 31, 2009

A Night to Remember

When we initially planned out a Happy New Year party two weeks ago I was in serious doubt as to how much we would enjoy with such heavy plans. I felt there would be wastage of food, of drinks, of music (since nobody may dance) and more importantly, of energy (spent in planning the whole thing out). I was wrong on all counts except the food part; if two pizzas, chips and a few liters of soft drink count.

Man, it was great fun to groove with the classmates and I surprised myself with a few strange moves and could be seen clicking away so many pics that people got annoyed :)
There are a few lessons to be learnt from tonight:
  • To lose inhibitions: No point fearing!
  • Eat well, Drink well, Talk well: Enthusiasm is a prerequisite for life!
  • Offer to clean up: More often than not the parties end up being arranged at home, so help the host to put things back in order!
Here is to a great year 2010. Lots of things are about to change!

December 28, 2009

As I turn twenty

Well, a post out of nowhere. I've always wanted to write so much about how I feel, but then, when some one pointed out that personal rant won't be productive, I succumbed. I did not feel like writing anymore! Not that I've been able to write anything of use but I sorely miss the mental satisfaction gained each time a post was published. Here I am, to cherish the same feeling after four long, eventful months.

That's the change I've undergone the entire year: I treaded off the path only to find that I had been on the right path all along. Got lost. But realized and worked out the path all over again.

There is so much to learn from failures and change is induced with each new failure: Failing made me stronger. There is a lot of difference when we do things after actually comprehending what they are.

In another way: unless and until I am able to justify why I believe in what I do, I would not believe in myself. Hope this serves as a new foreword to the posts hereafter.

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