July 18, 2011

So, what is love?

All of us come across this question, don't we? Most of us try to find out the meaning ourselves because, like many other things in life, it doesn't have fixed answers and tends to be objective (unless you are intrepid enough, to put faith in filmy love). So here's my diagnosis: 

Feeling close to some people
Most of our teenage love stories start this way. We like talking specifically with one person, spending time with them and agreeing with anything they say. However, pure though it maybe, it is naive and one or the other person grows out of the relation. 

But there is hope in this one. How many times haven't we heard of people marrying their old classmates and the like? 
Helping each other out
What better than a friend who patiently listens to your troubles and shows you the path ahead; every single time you need help. You trust him/her from the point of forgetting to say "Don't tell this to anyone!" to the extreme of "Oh my god! You won't believe what just happened."

But again it is not all that successful unless well-planned out. Careers are sacrificed, proximity is prioritized and family gets a push over and it still works; only because it wasn't meant to fail. 

So, what is love?
From whatever little understanding I have had, love is ultimately about finding that one person who makes you think that everything with them would be perfect and only you would know who that is. That inner thought, subconscious feeling or whatever it is, will guide you. It is both futile and cowardly to ignore it. 

There is, however, one concern for the urbane mind. Assuming that you are no philanderer, how do you know which of your 'likes' will be a perfect match for you? With the friends I have grown up, dating is a no-no but that definitely needs to change. Analyze to realize that it is a win-win situation.

Love, like life itself, will yield new meaning each time we try to decipher it; which is why it is universally accepted as an integral part of life. 

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