May 16, 2009

Was I rude, was I not?

I've received three ( still counting ) phone calls since morning from IDEA customer care center. College students refer to it as ICCC -> I triple C. All three callers were female. ( Fe, for short )

CALL 1 : ( 9948007356 )

Fe: Hello sir, this is from IDEA customer care.
Me: Yes please
Fe: Sir, since you are a  trusted customer who have been with us for long; we are giving you a free sim card sir. 
Me: We already have two add-on cards. Don't need any more, thank you!
Fe: Blah blah blah blah 
Me: No thanks
Fe: Blah blah 
Me: Bah 
Fe: Blah
Me: Bye

Five minutes later 

CALL 2 : ( 9948007362 ) 

Fe: Hello sir, this is from IDEA customer care.
Me: I have an extra sim card, do you want one? 
Fe: Yes sir, I have an extra sim card, do you want one? 
Me: Grrr. Who's this speaking? Your name please
Fe: ( something like ) Nafees
Me: Where are you talking from? 
Fe: ( in a low voice ) Karkhana
Me: Where exactly? 
Fe: Sir, IDEA main office. 
Me: What place did you say? 
Fe: Panjagutta ( in a even lower voice ) 
Me: Hmm 
Fe: Sir, why are you asking all this?
Me: I just received a call from the same office. If you are really concerned about serving trusted customers you would've known the fact that... wlah wlah wlah wlah 
Fe: Sorry sir, please don't be angry. 
Me: I am not. 
Fe: Your voice sounds like that. Sorry sir, we will not disturb you again. 
Me: Its alright. Bye :)

I felt very awkward, because that was the first time ever I lost my cool over the phone. ( and possibly for no reason ). Poor girl, she must have been so annoyed. I was halfway through calling her back and saying sorry when... 

CALL 3 : ( 9948007361 ) 

Me: Hello
Fe: Hello sir, this is from IDEA customer care.
Me: Yeah? 
Fe: Sir, since you are a  trusted customer who have been with us for long; we can give you a free sim card sir. 
Me: ( GRRR ) We do not require one thank you.
Fe: Are you sure sir? We are giveing it for free!
Me: ( Resisting temptation to shout ) Oh wow! But we do not need it as of now. I will call you whenever I am in need of one. 
Fe: Ok sir. Thankyou very much! Have a nice day! 
Me: Thanks. Bye!

So, basically after that call I didn't even think for a second I would call back to apologize Ms. Nafees ( or whoever it was ). It was a first showering-sarcasm-over-the-phone and it was funny :D. I have learnt one thing though. 

Being rude doesn't fetch anything : neither peace of mind nor an extra sim card.

And thanks to IDEA, I have my first post of the summer :)

May 11, 2009

Last night reflections

Today will be my last night in VISHWAKARMA BHAWAN. A huge hostel with a great mess, its a place every BITSian would want to be some or the other time during their stay. I know that each day now till August, I will be waking up to think what breakfast / which shake ( juice)  would be selling for lunch in the mess. 

Second year has been a great one

Every year in our lives we come across new experiences and it strengthens our mental outlook, enhances our maturity and adds to our understanding of the world. The fact about my second year is that it has done all this but the HARD WAY. Absolutely no complaints though. For I may forget the pain or whatever but I will never let go of the lessons: 
  • Not all people around you are your friends. Everybody thinks for their own purposes, about their own grades, about their own life and they are ready to pull you down if you are ahead. 
  • Girls are an intelligent lot, perhaps even more than the (male) 10-pointers. They think a lot before saying anything and get pissed off at the slightest insult. Never mess around with them, neither on the phone nor while chatting.
  • Everybody wants a share of everything. They all (at times, including me) want to enter into every field they can. For example, I know of 9-pointers who want to show their mettle by 1) being a part of every sport: cricket, football, swimming( whether playing / viewing! )     2) watching every movie, every series, etc that is available on LAN                                        3) Finally they want to be a part of poilitics as well. 
Silly though they may sound its worth knowing that such things happen and that care needs to be exercised. And it explains why people say that we tend to become less careless as time passes by :). The reason is that there are many a pit holes that we discover in our path and we need to cross them carefully. 

It doesn't feel as though I'm a second yearite. For one thing, I still do not know what is the (best)  way to study. That is because with each passing semester I've kept changing my way of study and many a times, fortunately, it has lead to better performance. I do not know how much time it would take for an established method of study to come into picture. 
Can anyine tell me who is or what an ideal second yearite should possess? 

How I feel

I feel hurt, broken and unpleasantly sure that the future could be the same. But despite all injured feelings I feel good. I feel stronger, mature. And I will work to forget these hard-learned lessons of second year. Ironical? Well, yes. These (moral/immortal) lessons that all of us keep learning from time to time are not for telling future generations. They are for own selves.

Such things should never come in the thought process again. What I mean is, the next semester I will not do anything that will make me realize the same lesson again! A new lesson would be welcome but the same mistakes I shall not repeat. 

As for any tensions or frustrations, I have learnt to look at them as opportunities to know thyself


This day holds a lot of challenge every year. As a brief overview of what I mean here's what happened when : 

         May 11th, 2007          BITSAT
         May 11th, 2008       WORKSHOP
         May 11th, 2009          DISCRETE STRUCTURES FOR

It felt very strange as I was writing WORKSHOP exam: that only last year I was writing BITSAT and now an exam in BITS. This year also, I felt no less strange. I am just wondering now about May 11th, 2010 : NEXT IS WHAT?

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