July 20, 2011

Thoughts of a newbie ...!

Its been a year now....

I still smell the fresh lush green grass and the blue waters of Bangalore. The weather,friends, traffic, streets, adventures, training sessions and office..! I miss those days..!

Initial Phase
It was during December and I was tagged to my first project @office.

Being a part of my team @work was never great, in the initial stages. May be because I was a neophyte or may be I was the youngest resource, also I wasn't an extrovert the first few days.

I was jealous.............. (The J factor thats mostly seen in kids), jealous when my friends talked hours together about their outings & the kind of fun they had with their team.

I almost would have become an introvert and gloomy, such were the days!! 
Reason : 
 *I used to have my lunch alone and would wait eagerly to meet my pals whose timings would clash with    
   those of mine and, it was a pathetic period of time for me.
 *Being the only one @ my project (none of my friends with me) was like addition of oil to the already lit     
 *@home I would spend a few minutes with grandfather and then I go .. off to bed.
   I Could never expect mom's company , as she was busy and tired by then.
 *I did spend a month or two in solitude. The kind that I did not want to be in.
 *The more I expect for something, the less of it I received.

Aww .. I just couldn't get over those feelings.

Latter Phase

Well .. apart from my team mates, I have some trustworthy, broadminded and fun loving gang of friends whose words flattered and enlightened me with certain facts.
May be I actually knew the facts of life, a few of which I follow and few others which I don't.
To follow those that I hardly did was mandatory for me and also the key factor which kept me moving even during tough times.

Humans are designed or programmed, such that, they can adapt themselves to any kind of situation on earth. 
It did take time for me to recover and adapt my self....
Adapt myself .. to the new work env,
                       new mates, 
                       new place ,
                       an undoubtedly tough place for an extrovert like me.
Work place did teach me to be an introvert ( this I am, only @ my cubicle :D !!) which is very necessary in Corporate world!

In no time I got close to my team mates and we had fun being @office inside our cubicles @ our desks.
We became great bench-mates I would say, provided we were in a school :P.
We had gone for a team lunch two months ago and that was my first and last outing till date.
Being with my team has taught me to be a better person, in many ways.

Learnings .. Aftermath
           .. to live life even when alone.
              to laugh out whenever possible.
              to be a part of those who are energetic, fun loving and positive.
              to accept the fact that past is sweet to just visit it and not to live in it.
              to make the best use of time.
Spend time by being  with school friends (they are the closest among all pals), reading, with hobbies, with family but with positive energy around.

My only request...
To : Positive Energy,
is ..
... Stay by my side always.. !
From : A Learner who was once a Newbie.

PS: Many who are a  part of my life, play a crucial role, especially for having brought out the best in me. I shall always be thankful to them!

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