July 14, 2011

Loose control

For a very long time I have abstained myself from getting angry and was equable even when my fingers gave away. The price I paid for the emotional control was quite high and mostly in time. Either taking time to cool down or gather patience or virtually torture the person. So, I simply avoided things which I didn't like or which upset my mood.

But in the last few days, it has been excessively difficult to control and the main reason for that being traffic. Whether I've learnt to find faults with others' driving or they are driving senselessly by habit, these veterans respond faster to abuses then the horn or indicator. Provoked by their vulnerability, I would stare into their eyes and "beep". But I've kept a controller in place: if its kids or women on the bike I won't say a thing. Unless, the driver is foolish enough to find fault with me. He, he.
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