December 31, 2009

A Night to Remember

When we initially planned out a Happy New Year party two weeks ago I was in serious doubt as to how much we would enjoy with such heavy plans. I felt there would be wastage of food, of drinks, of music (since nobody may dance) and more importantly, of energy (spent in planning the whole thing out). I was wrong on all counts except the food part; if two pizzas, chips and a few liters of soft drink count.

Man, it was great fun to groove with the classmates and I surprised myself with a few strange moves and could be seen clicking away so many pics that people got annoyed :)
There are a few lessons to be learnt from tonight:
  • To lose inhibitions: No point fearing!
  • Eat well, Drink well, Talk well: Enthusiasm is a prerequisite for life!
  • Offer to clean up: More often than not the parties end up being arranged at home, so help the host to put things back in order!
Here is to a great year 2010. Lots of things are about to change!

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