February 18, 2012

Under the starry sky

Like everyday, we went out on our post-dinner walks alongside the canal and got to the regular spot. The tiresomeness of the week and in particular of today's was very evident from the fact that none of us were talking very much and were in slightly touchy moods.

We sat for a moment and then lay down allowing a full view of the night sky stretching from eye to eye. Staring at stars can do one of the following to you:
  • Make you recall the times when you lay down simply looking at the stars. Repeat. 
  • Take you back in time and also make you think of the future: how the stars would look the next time, whether we would remember this moment. Repeat. 
  • And importantly, take you to different locations. How many people from how many places are currently looking at the same sky with the same feelings. Repeat. 
I traveled back to the places and the people, trying to make sense out of random things. Ironically, the book title which caught my attention today read "Fooled by randomness" 

Lesson: Don't be fooled by the randomness! 

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