February 11, 2012

~~ A spoiler ~~ O_o ?#@!#!

I always felt weird, rather funny when my cousins and a few of my friends yelled at me for revealing/sharing parts of a movie or a novel in fragments.

I felt an individual would watch that movie or read that book irrespective of me giving them parts of it.

I dint really know that the thrill or excitement of watching  a movie would be lost when they get to know even the slightest part of the movie before hand! For I, would watch a movie I intend to, with full interest and a clear mind even if some one had told me about it earlier!
Different mindsets and different school of thought of course,
                            but now, 
I know 
of having posted a spoiler.

Here's the Story

~~ A Spolier ~~
It was on MA (the chat line used by UBS). People across the globe, who work for UBS(which is obvious) are present on MA.
There is a channel #Film_Society on MA where in one can find some real good list of movies watched by individuals.
I had watched Vertigo(1958, Alfred Hitchcock's) last night and I happened to post on #Film_Society about that movie. 
I said ...
               "Watched Vertigo yesterday, for a while I thought all that drama by Madeline/Judy was to help Scottie over come his acrophobia (Was reminded of Shutter Island), 
but a nice twist at the end (the Murder of Gavin's wife)."
Literally I would have been thwacked with king sized Solanum lycopersicum and eggs for having revealed the movie in short. That was a massive spoiler to many movie lovers and they were all disheartened. The kind of feeling kids usually get when they miss Birthday Surprises ! o_O ~~ 
I apologized for having thrown a spoiler and they insisted each one to forewarn people about spoilers from any one henceforth. 

End Story


A few commandments to ensure you don't hurt movie lovers

* Thou play not with others emotions (like thrill,  Euphoria ExcitementCuriosity,) 
* Thou must ensure that you warn people in prior in order to not dishearten them.
* Thou should learn to control thou excitement and must take great care before posting stuff that could screw you left right center!!

~~~ A lesson learnt ~~~ 
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