June 24, 2009

Maintaining friendship with girls

Note: This is stuff being written in 2014, but stuff which I always followed right from the beginning of my back-friendship with school friends. Although the title says girls--because these thoughts struck me only when I became part of a group that also had girls--it applies to every friend.

  • never talk about another girl or guy to them
    • unless you are discussing something bad :D
  • don't tell everything you feel, wait for the right time esp. the good things. Something like using weapons in times of crisis.
  • when you feel like buying them something, don't sit with that thought; go ahead and implement that. 
  • don't plan anything, it will fail: listen to your heart and mind. 
  • don't hide misunderstandings for long, you will end up hurting her. 
  • how she feels is how you feel she feels, if you listen closely enough
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