March 30, 2010

Just another day

29th March, 2010: Is the date so special today that I had to mention in bold? Special? Well no not really, it has been just another day. The following however will remain with me for a while:
  • The early morning study for exam and the exam itself.
  • The classes after that; felt a little more broad in the classes today... stopped hating a teacher!
  • The uninterrupted walk from SWD to Accounts division.
  • The mango shake, badam milk and the two lemon juices which I gulped in one go.
  • The clearing of thoughts with my doing what I thought was correct: logically, mentally, emotionally, etc.
  • The evening walk to the temple where heads turned at my sober look.
  • The long talk on the phone with a friend to whom I spoke as shamelessly as possible (asap)
Also, the half-asleep half-awake state in which I came till this far in the night and now feel I should have slept earlier (darn)
So, for all the insomniacs, what were the top seven moments of your day?
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