December 31, 2014

Culmination of ways

There have been such genuinely happy moments for our gang that it is difficult to identify where exactly the fault lay for the disintegration which my 19-year old self had already predicted. While some say it was because of giving too much attention to the disintegrating elements some think it was because there was never too much bonding in the first place.

I've had a fun time analyzing and discussing this with many people and repeatedly trying to question if there was some wrong-doing from my side or if I could pinpoint the main reasons. 

So here are the problems I discovered which had caused the inevitable drift--after prolonged thinking and rhetoric discussions:

The real problem was with people not being transparent with each other. I was not very transparent either but that's because of who I am and nothing to do with any gang. The few people who I've been able to open up with know that.

The secondary problems arose because of ego. You hurt me so am going to hurt you. Luckily for a long time I've never had such an ego problem and was even naive to notice when others provoked.

And finally, a feeling of superiority over others is what stumps must people in their lives. I laugh at this sort of feeling people have about themselves. Truly like a chicken challenging a slaughter house.


So all the discussions because we had to mend certain things. Honestly speaking I needn't have been fully involved since I've never had a problem with the people who needed to be taught a lesson, I had a problem with their group behaviour and back talking. So when these elements were either pushed out or eliminated, the gang though war hurt looked better. 

And now it has people with sensitivity and sensibility, more importantly some potential of maturity. I'm not above them, I also fall in the potential batch. And we have kickstarted a new phase one that has overcome the past and builds up from scratch for the future. 

I'm writing this in October actually knowing fully well that this is how our friendship will turn out to be. It's noteworthy that we have known or been friends for more than half a decade now :)

Cheers for the day we get to this!

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