September 10, 2008

The back Wingsters

We the wing

All of us had met at least one or more of the others at some point of time in 1st year but we never knew how we were going to tolerate being in the same wing. Knowing each other was a process that would have taken many years but being in the same wing it did not take us much time to find out about everyone and also a lot about ourself. Just a small introduction lest I'll be murdered ( I got to know that none of them support the Right to Write :P )

173- Lazy kc
174- Laddu the footballer
175- Muhaha... you-know-who
176- Psychological psycho
177- Smug woods
178- Mod, thinks he's God
179- Cleaning always
180- Ghotting, do not disturb
181- Spotted only in the morning
182- Wing topper
183- Fun-do Hari
184- #define MENACE

Well, we don't know if we will be in the same wing always but the memories will stand untarnished :)

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