September 9, 2008

That day :: 08 / 09 / 2007

अरे नीकाल देना यारक्या फर्क पड़ेगा ?"
" Nahi bey, it will look awkward, already I'm like a hefty pig,.. lite."
अबे सेनिओर्स ने भी बताया था ना | इस बार चोडेन्गे नहीं | सोच ले |"
" Okay, but at least you don't laugh..."

That was the discussion I had with a friend of mine before removing my moustache. The days that followed were both a combination of dread, fear and a sudden change altogether. If it happened an year prior to that, I could've been found all curled up in my room crying, perhaps, but not this time. That's because when I looked up into the mirror and reflected on what I saw, it took me a lot of time to really understand how I looked. I could'nt remember anything of how I looked before that. People in my wing were laughing their heads off but I kept mine. It was a  great feeling actually ;)  , to look something new... twas exactly a year ago ( or... was it yesterday?...)
"Dude a projection is missing from your sideview..." : these were the taunts from my college friends. It was odd initially but I forced myself on everyone that way. Guess, they got used to it.
Well it was a try and it kind of worked, because I've been consistent after that, experimenting with different creams, foams and aftershaves, blades and.... OK OK, I'll shut the crap up...

Oh, by the way, 
did I tell you the time I 
grew my beard like that of a goat and friends....

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