March 16, 2009

My experiments with classes

Well I thought : " There are seven courses this semester. Is it possible to walk away with good marks in all without struggling like mad. Maybe do well in one or two courses without trying too hard. "
It was sounding sane enough till then. But:
" Maybe this is what efficiency is all about. Get good grades without having to work too hard or maybe ... maybe without attending the classes!
Yes! That's it! Hooray!
Just study on your own like a natural scientist. "

In taking decisions like these people usually try to rope in somebody or at least ask their opinion. But I was sure that it will be fine." Maybe I'll try it for only one test and see how it goes. "

Obviously, the test flopped! And things seemed worse for the quiz that followed in a fortnight. Still adamant I stayed away from the classes and lo! quiz also approached without me attending any classes. The quiz wasn't very good either, so I decided to suspend my stupid experiment and here are the conlcusions:
  • Never miss classes
  • Even if you miss, write down the notes the very same day
  • Write notes neatly and understand before writing so that you will be clear
  • Take the textbooks to the class, especially if it is problem - solving day :)
  • Pay attention
" Die but attend classes :P "

So, I ve learnt my lesson. If you are still not convinced you can repeat the experiment again and add a few more points to the list!

Pssst .. Funny , right? Funny because all of these things are known to us or at least we are taught when we were kindergarten kids. We knew every single do and don't. Just did not appreciate them or the pint needs to be driven into head.
Maybe because it will be helpful in the future :) .
Maybe we are to realize and learn its importance. Only after we commit silly experiments and look back do we know.
Another striking piece of evidence which suggests that life indeed lies in the small things.

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