March 7, 2009

Old Bank Setting

Among the other things that give Pilani a place in the Schaum's peculiar towns of the world list, a must see is the SBBJ- Slow Banking from Babloo & Joker.

Name : Babloo
Age : 50 + ( the time when adventures start happening in Pilani vasis. )
Education : 14 yrs schooling, 4 years makhaan mein kaam, ( Delhi-6 )
Since then : at humbling Pilani
Hobbies : latest ( 1990's ) songs from the market will always be on his mind, coming in time to office, handing over withdrawl sheets to waiting customers at snail pace, speaking as slowly on the phone as possible, etc.
Latest crush : Songs by Rahman : he will ask every soul on campus to send them by bluetooth. " uske liye balance nahi lagta.. "
Mode of transport : Usually phatphatiya, or his hyabooza

Naam : Joker, aa, joker!
Age : Little younger than babloo
Hobbies : To be more updated than Babloo :P
Headline : I take my own time
Favourite dialogue : " ek minut rookiyey "
Arrival : Minimum half an hour late.
( Note : Does not talk very much )

Waiting at the bank

Some of the nuances that come with not having an ATM card is waiting in a long queue at the bank. Its very far from being fun or funny, even if Babloo kept you entertained with silly jokes.
All of a sudden I had the feeling that maybe this was just a old hindi drama show that runs everyday for screening on doordarshan. Suddenly a phone call, tring tring , I was sure it was the boss saying he was ill and the serial would end saying to be continued...

Scene 3 : (
Enter Joker )
Finally, he arrives and is immediately served a glass of water. I guessed if this tradition were to break Babloo would lose his job. Before seating himself he prays to the Lord and only then starts off with the customers.

On the one side there is the world hit by recession; people jobless and stressed out completely.
" When the tough gets going, the going gets tougher "

In India, there is this youth full of energy. It seems while sleeping they keep muttering, start-ups... I'm the next big thing. There are people who are frustrated and angry and confused.

And what do we have here... a hindi drama produced by a bank manager and his assistant...

It feels so strange that life can be so simple at times.
Maybe it should be.
Maybe India is not in the cities but its beautiful villages.

Maybe one day we all will realise that life lies not just in big achievements
but also the smallest of joys make it worth living.
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