March 3, 2009

A dream to remember

The light was about to fade. Nick was sitting on the pavement a little away from the trees lest birds would mistake his hair for the mud and happily leave droppings. He wasn't waiting for anyone, quite contrary to what the air of impatience around him suggested.

His thoughts swirling like smoke were slowly turning into anger. Hatred that was no never so extreme, a feeling of emptiness; a feeling that days to come are going to be bad, aaaargghh, he was not able to bear it anymore.

He got up and walked briskly. Slowly he wandered about to the temple, not because he was a pious priest but to avoid people. On the way he thought why things were the way they were.
" I am feeling lost and finding myself all over again. But why should I find myself only after I am lost? Why am I not stirred to perform unless something shakes me up thoroughly?
I need to find the answer, the key to my salvation. I need help, lots of it.

He felt a little better after praying. He started thinking that maybe the future will be more promising, rather will keep up to its promises. The hope, the will, the faith. These alone make things happen. And of course, God's blessings : default.

Nick woke up and he realized he was dreaming all along. He felt so cheery, he decided he will go to the temple without fail. Before leaving he scribbled on the wall chart:

" Prayer makes you see things differently and calms your nerves "
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