February 19, 2009

Gaon nahi mehfil hain

ये पिलानी हैं
मेरे यार,
इस रेगिस्थान मैं
बस बीट्स और प्यार!

A view so similar to some of the old buildings and lanes you might recollect having seen or known. Pilani is definitely one of the strangest places because of the rich variety that it offers. Unpredictability rents the air, just like life, for example
  • If its not the weather, its the birds.
  • If its not the remoteness, its the beauty of the village that keeps one pleasantly surprised and guessing.
Life at Pilani cannot be explained, like all good places it has to be seen, felt and loved despite the fact that it does not have any 30min tourism ads nor does it boast of bearing ____

Its the time when the season changes:
  • the sky turns strawberry-like;
  • vanilla ice-cream wind becomes hot chocolaty; and
  • the trees garnish the long pathways with yellowing leaves.
Ah! its that one moment you would not mind waiting all your life. The beauty digging deeper and deeper in your heart to get entrenched with the memories. No wonder people say many profound memories are remembered through sight, smell or sound. Guess, the remaining ones are just another brick in the wall.

It gives you that different kind of a feel when you walk through these places for the first time. The feeling to know
  • how life works at this place;
  • the small children going to school;
  • the difference between your school and the ones over here ( its difficult to imagine anything better than your own school when you have studied there for twelve years )
Lastly, a lot of expectation from Delhi 6, being released tomorrow.

Not hoping for RDB magic
nor AKS tragic
but a message fantastic.

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