February 8, 2009

The Underdog Threat

Remember Mr. Dumbass ? The idiot who thinks he knows everything but does not really understand what he knows. Who thinks that he and he alone can grasp/ talk about subject while the rest suck big time. Who believes that talking about the self will re-instill confidence not realising that boasting is the first step of character assasination.

Where are they headed? Why do they always need to keep shouting at people and insulting them on purpose? Why do they try to pick matches with the less intelligent lot or less able people? You grow only when you help out such people, stand up to face the better genre and leave not a single mark of self appraisal. There are many such people who claim the throne that can never be theirs because of the ignorance towards small things which matter the most : respect, tenderness and understanding nature. They think they are sitting pretty at the top while this is the very attitude that makes them fall into grim situations and render them the underdog status. To know that the brightest minds in the country are headed towards self-destruction and underdoghood is perhaps more saddening than any terror attacks or murders. The reason being that these kind of people potentially own the power to become both the destructor as well as the savior. They hold the key, they lock the doors, they are confused and wandering.

Whilst their internal battle will continue for another decade, lets address the underdog overhuman ( crazily termed ... just to hint at the intelligent show-off chums you have ) problem. Those clever people who talk without a hint of morality, who constantly try to make you feel inferior. What should be the best reply to all such unreasonable nincompoops ? No, its not physical violence nor haughty replies... they just expend your energy. Just keeping quiet because listen and silent are spelt with the same words.

Why keep quiet, you ask? To understand this :
" Silence is the most powerful response "
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