February 19, 2009

Structured Thoughts : Episode 1

One of my first night outs! and a peaceful one at that. Over the last one month I kept wondering what I would do if I had an entire day to myself.
  • Watching a movie was definitely at the top of the list, 50% chance I would say.
  • While chatting, blogging and singing comprised a quarter.
  • The other quarter was more or less by default for studies. ( you would want to give more time, actually )

So, question arises : how was time killed? You could call it Time to kill The answers flow thus:

8pm, night before

conspiracy in the library, whispering to each other behind those books we held in front of ourselves.

: " Psst.. We literally have a holiday tomorrow. Most of the classes cancelled. You aware of that? "
y : " Oh yes! finally a break! phew! "
z : " Tonight's party folks. Which movie would you suggest? "

11pm, Three hours plus a few minutes later

e walked the distance from the library to our rooms feeling a little guilty about this:

There's some advice from a previous occupant which goes thus
" Keep doing something everyday to achieve your dream. "
and we did not. We planned a dreamy schedule if anything :(


inished all the chatting and gossiping, made sure that no appointments were remaining. Made sure that people on Gtalk noticed my status message and display pic. We congratulated each other on the day's final events and set off to the all night canteen ( ANC ). A cheese burger, a samosa and a nescafe classic ( henceforth known as the USUAL ) merrily slid down the oesophagus.

3 am

hen you want to watch a movie all alone on a cold wintery night you would hope that
  • you are as comfortable as possible and
  • also choose the right movie.
Don't know if Cupid struck me late or something, but I found myself going through the top 100 romantic movies. I finally found one whose synopsis sounded good and the cast was lively.

6am, after the movie:

hrs, you might wonder why? A thourough research goes into a movie before and after it is viewed, and hence the extra hour. The movie was fantastic and I wondered why it received only a 7.0.


o the birds outside chirping, the chowki noises and a red eyed fatso all I have to say is a very good morning, um er.., good night.
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