February 9, 2009

Random Thoughts : Episode 1

It was 10'o clock and an impulse was irked from the brain to respond to a tempting invitation: coffee break ( coffee's only for name, but never on the order :-) ). After a full month of minus five to plus degrees centigrade, february showed some mercy and let us keep the heavy coats aside for a while. But tonight was chilly and the wind carried the smell of fog, maybe tomorrow we would wake up to a white-curtain ( thick dense fog ) view.

My latest liking toward sandwiches, preferring them over the burgers for my own good, proved great this time around as well. Having it with Mustard sauce was almost like kissing fire, no matter, delicious on the whole. The temperature dipping, lips on fire, coke in hand...

I walked the mile gazing at the beautiful moon, she was shying behind the clouds, the wind occasionally blowing away her cover of clouds. The stars whispered good night and the wind rushed up to start playing music in my head. I took a deep breath, feeling the process of oxygen going into the lungs, deeper and deeper,at the tips of capillaries...


Two notorious friends celebrated their birthdays in a gap of a second. ( One of them was born on the 9th whose celebrations lasted till midnight and another on the 10th just about to kick-off. )
A very abstract way, nevertheless HAPPY BIRTHDAY # 19!!!
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