January 22, 2013

A lady and the book "I too had a love story" - Part2

22nd Jan 2013,
07:30 IST

Another beautiful morning.


The 7:22 IST part ..
I boarded the bus at 7:22 IST (my usual timings in the morning) , today I was lucky enough to find a window seat for myself and I could place my bad on the one besides mine. So, It was me, my newspaper and the window. 
                        Eight minutes later the bus stopped at Kharkana, (place where the lady boards the bus from). She got into the bus and the two of us greeted each other with a smile. She sat beside me and without me asking her she took the book from her bag and gave it to me saying
"Here you go, enjoy reading..."
I gave a bigger smile this time and started reading the book... I read about 50 pages before my destination arrived (my office) and gave her back the book.

I had a good day today with minimal work at office.

The 18:15 IST part ..
I boarded the 18:15 IST bus and, again, rather luckily I found her in the bus. We greeted each other with a warm smile and then she gave me the book before I asked for it.
I started to read ...

Now, from whats on the inside...
                       This love story is about a guy who meets a girl on the matrimony site Shaadi,com. They happen to exchange their phone numbers and start conversing over the phone.
In just a few months time they exchange their pictures and soon realize that they are deeply in love, although they never saw each other in person. They talk, talk and just talk over the phone endlessly as and when they find time, rather as and when they miss each other.

The story continues to be like any other love story until the part of their Meeting (in person). Its interesting as to how they meet for just a few hours before his flight to the US at the girls place, with his in laws.
And after all these good phases of his life comes the Tragedy, this time its not the guy or the girl who betrays the other, but its Fate...

( I fear the author might kill me if I told everything out in a blog this way, so read it for yourself and enjoy... (if you like to read and listen to love stories)... )

                          So, I was engrossed into reading the book and I was almost done. I was left with 10 pages more to do with it but her stop was nearing. I gave back her book and then she said, 
" I think you should finish it, so keep it with you, and you can return it tomorrow"
Another big curve on my face and I thanked her again.
We then talked about music and Carnatic singing. I told her how I loved Tamil songs ... etc in the 10 minutes time.
I wished her a good night and thanked her again.
The moment she got alighted the bus, I started to read the book again crazily. 
10 minutes for me to alight and 10 pages to complete.

I read 5 pages carefully (tears everywhere because it ended tragic, in the story not my eyes...!) while in the bus and then rushed home to read the remaining.

I am done with reading the book. I liked it.
It feels good when you complete reading a book moreover I liked the story.

So now, the best parts,
One ~ I made a new friend, I now know her well. Its good to make new friends.
Two ~ I read a good book.
Three ~ I could related almost every part of the story to Cinderellas present situation. Feels warm and the hope never dies ...

Life is too short, you never know when what could happen to you so make the best use of it.

...... The End ......

PS : "I've Learned that waiting is the most difficult bit, and I want to get used to the feeling, knowing that you're with me, even when you're not by my side"  -- 11 minutes Paulo Coelho, Looking forward to read this.
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