January 12, 2013

So, what is love? - Part 2

Summarizing the previous post, we start to think that we are falling in love by:

  1. Feeling close to some people (sometimes may lead to infatuation) 
  2. Helping each other out (the bond shall always be strong) 
  3. That inner feeling of having found the one (happens in movies when the writers don't know how to end the film -- 500 days of Summer. Or when we take a love potion or as KC would say when we are hypnotized.)

I searched through Tumblr for some thoughts and here are a few common answers people give us when we ask them how do you know it is love? We are of course talking about the ishq wala love :)

But don't we feel the same way about best friends too? So this is necessary but not sufficient. 

Of all these I liked this the most:

More like it :)

I still stick to the final conclusion. 
Love, like life itself, will yield new meaning each time we try to decipher it; which is why it is universally accepted as an integral part of life. 
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