January 12, 2013

Love and infatuation

I liked what Harsha Bhogle had to say about Tendulkar's 100th hundred.

Therein lies the inherent contradiction of life; you want the landmark, but if that is what you play for, you don't get it. If you can hypnotize yourself into thinking that the landmark doesn't exist, you get it quicker. If the 100th hadn't been on Tendulkar's mind - and we must take part of the blame for that - he might have got it earlier. The more he thought of it the more distant it grew and the more distant it grew, the more it began to suffocate him.

And that is the first question I had long back-
So for the past few days I was caught in two, three, four... minds about who it should be (and not why)? 

When you start looking for that one person you will start weighing too many things and start inviting conflicts that are difficult to resolve. It is like solving two related problems, where we frame the second question to fit the first answer.

  • to understand them and at the same time check if they fit what you want from the One. 
  • to know if they'll understand you and at the same time feel okay to talk about yourself. 
  • keep telling yourself that it is the One rather than listening to what your heart says. 
So we can't go on looking for that goal (girl) because we'll never find it. Just as we would expect to find a perfect match for ourselves we just ought to keep building ourselves in that way: doing the correct things, being good and understanding people better. And sooner or later we will find that landmark (one person) whom we would fall in love with. How do we say that it is the right person or the only person? Well there's no explanation for that, it must come from inside. 

And simply put :D

I started imagining that the person I liked, could be that one person. Started seeing them the way I wanted them to be and exalting their qualities. But there isn't a huge difference between my imagination and realty because it was spread out for a longer time. Maybe they could have been the person of my dreams, but I never had a chance to figure it out. It was like a target I was looking to achieve and more I tried, farther it got away. Or a door that would never open. Unlike Tendulkar, I don't have anyone putting pressure on me to reach that target so I don't need to play for that anymore. 

And as Bhogle says, ah forget it, doesn't matter now. 

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