September 14, 2013

Being yourself

"Be yourself" is perhaps one of the most obvious advise people would give or get. But is it really so easy to respond to every inner feeling and impulse you have and actually be yourself all the time?

To be able to fully realize ourselves and our abilities, takes time for one thing and for another it takes a lot of courage. We should not grow according to the societal settings and restrictions - we are not creepers. Rather, its important to find ourselves in the crowd and grow to our full potential just being ourselves all the way.
Like doing things which are both true and right is sometimes the most difficult thing to do; being yourself - which is both the truth and the right thing is also difficult.

Escaping the escapism of pretending to be someone else when faced with trouble and not wanting to confront a situation lest it lead to depression is one challenge.

The other thing is living with the knowledge that you have to face the situation one or the other day. Even denying your senses would cause the senses to rebel against you sooner or later.

Then there's a little peer pressure, of what the society would think; but hey its your life. Let someone else not decide what you are worth or what you should be doing. You do it serenely calmly and reach your full potential.
Of course it doesn't matter, but don't let them get away with the wrong idea. The wrong ideas spread faster. 

Just a retrospection than anything else :) that's totally me :D

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