September 23, 2013

How I feel

Its been almost a year when I first jotted some stuff for this post and left it at that. And I thought to myself
"A lot has taken place over the last one year. And I think there is no reason why I shouldn't be putting down what I learnt continuously and consistently over time."

Ironically, its actually been a year since I thought its been a year last time.
  1. Clarity: I have always had late realizations about some things in life but they strike so strongly that the journey, to epiphany, is my way of understanding life. But they clear so many doubts that you just start feeling a little wiser.

  2. Finding what you love- This is just so bloody important for living. Should never give up
    The soft version
    The confident version

    The hard version
  3. Get rid of some baggage: One of my close friends always kept telling me that I needn't try to be nice to everybody. Honestly, I was never trying to do that. I always sought to get myself in the right direction although I keep making mistakes. I tried to explain but the sort of impression childhood friends have about you, its difficult for them to get rid of it. But I don't see the reason to do that anymore if he/she really had to understand they would've understood long back.

  4. About relationships- I've often been told that when you tread that friendship-love boundary we tend to spoil the magic, that keeping it a guessing game is what girls like to do. But on the contrary, I met someone who didn't have such mental contortions and lived life the way I imagined it should be. We shouldn't restrict our thinking or tell ourselves that this is the limit. When you care for someone, we should let them know. And similarly, when you love someone we should let them know.


  5. Numbing your senses- Again, self-control is not about denying your senses, its about not having the mind wander in the first place. Numbing senses or denying impulse can be detrimental in that they can rebel back too!
And this also was supposed to be post#75 on this blog. (I think it would be post#85 now :D) Need to publish out a few drafts and clean-up stuff. Now that I've cleared stuff with people who mattered, need to clean-up stuff and put forth stuff that matters. 

Cheers! :) 
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