September 7, 2013


WAR. I've been on a war mission the last six months of
  • trying to make people understand some problems, they found it odd why I stood up for others. 
  • unravel the mysteries behind their behavior, it was almost always about wanting to be right. 
  • telling them what's really happening, they assume what you see is what you get. 
But a war doesn't start of course start in one day, it takes a lot of time to get provoked to the ultimate step. And I guess I sort of ignited it myself a couple (or more) of years ago mainly by bottling up my feelings -- simply for the reason that there really wasn't anyone whom I could discuss the whole thing with.

WAR be it hot, cold or lukewarm tests you, throttles you and makes you doubt every single assumption and yes there's killing. It kills a lot of feelings but also blesses you with an immense deal of realizations:
  • Bottling up feelings 
    • Either they are too childish/silly to really still feel bad even though you try hard explaining about it e.g., "You didn't say thank you when I gave you the pencil during an exam."
    • Or people have long forgotten the issue and they are sometimes not even aware that such a thing has happened e.g., "I failed the exam because you gave me a blunt pencil, on purpose!"
  • Standing up for others
    • I for one am over sensitive to things that are close to me and expect that everyone is the same and that they would feel bad. Not everyone can do it, people are afraid of becoming the bad guy and why would you be afraid if you were good you would either expect people to understand their mistake or realize if you've made one.
  • Friendship needs caring
    • I never really believed this quote: "Friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often - just to save it from drying out completely" 
      But as time passed by, I realize its importance and why a frustrated friend is not always to be ignored. 
    • Some gospel to take away
      Those who don't understand you or who make you feel comfortable avoid them as far as possible, move on. Those who are close to you, you would always care for them and can derive happiness even just by talking to them. And those who understand you, don't hesitate, vent it all out -- because a sanity check and scheduled cleanup are always in order.
  • Last and the best, WAR itself reads: Without Any Reason
    • People from the outside, would view it that way or make some fancy assumptions as to what would have happened. 
    • People involved become so engrossed in winning over the other that they actually forget the true reason why situation started. In some cases it maybe genuinely long drawn but both the parties must be aware of it. 
Now I have people to discuss it with, share the burden along, empty the bottled up feelings vent out anger fear and frustration and then when I look back, What I see? Just an empty winding road like a cassette tape suddenly pulled out of the stereo.
(To be continued)
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