October 21, 2010

Children of Heaven

I have often been in a situation when I just don't know what to do: not sleepy, not interested in reading nor in chattingFor the first time I could get myself to think and what I really wanted to do was watch a soothing film. I decided to give Majid Majidi's Children of Heaven a try (keeping a romantic movie in buffer... just in case)

But not for a minute did I minimize the window or check the time remaining . 
The movie takes you in completely and familiarizes so much with the characters that you begin to sympathize with them. It reminded me of: 

School (especially the primary days
  • the benches, 
  • the games and
  • the reaching-in-time :D


My brother (anybody with an elder brother would feel the same)
  • for seeing things straight
  • for all the running around and 
  • for the care :D

A sweet movie with its heart in place; can jerk tears if yours too is.
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