October 24, 2010

Day 2, OASIS 2010

Finally the dance workshop feat got revealed, although much later than expected, and my lunch was spent defending the rather brave move. A drowsy afternoon followed and the evening was as uneventful as it could be. Our theme for today was to do nothing.

11: 00 PM
After fighting over each others' looks Ravi, KC, Uday and I began our nightly hunt. Moving out from RP Bhawan was in itself an achievement; the insides of the hostel and rooms don't make you feel like going anywhere else... especially on a holiday. Our itinerary included a visit to:

  • FD 2 QT
  • D,C Lawns
  • ANC
  • Nutan

@Blackberry kiosk

We decided to give the host a second chance and he proved himself worthy for a while. Dunno if it was our timing but the same task was being given as yesterday: guys have to enact an item song. Today's song was Ringa Ringa and the performances were laudable. However, our hero, dressed in yellow, dragged it and re-played the song several times over. We learnt a new mantra there: 

berry berry

Four musketeers
This has been the worst part of the day: standing in C Lawns with nothing to do except pulling each other's leg and assuring each other of brighter things in life. The moment you are in such a situation it is time to break-up and do something... something radical. So, we occupied a tent enjoying a cheese burst from the Domino's stall.

Rajasthani corner
The food did the magic and we felt more certain of ourselves. By far the best initiative taken at OASIS so far: an entire loop in the C Lawn stalls was dedicated to the traditional Rajasthani folk. Magic, Palmistry, Bangles and Betting. Cots lay in the middle with a bonfire (it was quite cold today) and it looked like a village in itself. It was impressive.

Today's missed chances: 

  • The outsti girls looked pretty friendly but none of us took the step forward #FAIL 
  • Treasure hunt. All Gappan's fault: he was messaging in sudden fits asking us to register but not showing up himself. 
Sleep wins today. Until tomorrow then.
Lorem Ipsum.

3 AM
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