October 25, 2010

Day 3, OASIS 2010

Although I decided to say good night at 3 itself, KC came knocking into my room and we chatted lots of shit: how movies should have ended, girls, movie stars and gen lachcha. KC's basic agenda was to stay awake long enough to wield another cancer stick. So, it was once again 5 by the time sleep took over.

Change of theme
It was a Sunday and on top of that I was very tired, but yet woke up at 9! Today's theme was to just go out there and do whatever we could. We started with Wordstock (Uday and I) and then the movie quiz (Ravi and Mod) and then went to Tarang.

It started with a heart touching "sadho re". Then a Miss Ultrasonic came in and sang this; people had to literally close their ears to save themselves from the damage her sharp voice was inflicting. And just after that it was BITS Pilani's turn...

I remembered the superb performance given by them in 2k8 edition and had high expectations. But unfortunately it was disappointing, maybe because of the choice of songs. Teams should be choosing songs that would definitely strike a chord with the junta instead of trying to make them like something new.

Well dance workshop is definitely among the things one shouldn't miss during OASIS. They teach you the basic steps and you've got to try and learn them. So, Bosco Caesar was teaching us some jive and salsa. It was fun :)

What do I say? There was the euphoric feeling around the Audi and we waited quite sometime in the lawns, some more time on the benches and finally in the queue. Like any good show this was going to start late and the crowds were hysteric. But soon euphoric turned to Euphoria :(

It began with an awesome rendition of "Mar Jawaan" by Shruti Pathak. Vishal-Shekar's entry was met with great cheering and they were just too good together on the stage ;) The quality started waning after the first few songs. I mean they are good composers and all but their foray isn't singing and they couldn't really hold it. Half-way through I called it quits and rest is lorem ipsum.

Mr. and Ms. OASIS
Avoid! The hype and the performances of the audiences were actually good but the organization was bad, was terrible. Their jokes were worse than the guy at the Blackberry kiosk (who by the way was trying out Punjabi songs tonight)

And its very cold tonight. Despite having seen worse weather, I had never quite appreciated what lying-in-the-warm-comfort-of-my-bed meant. Tonight I finally do.

Quarter past 5 in the morning.
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