October 16, 2010

A strange parallel

Film-making and Entrepreneurship.
These are two electives (in no particular order) that I've taken up this semester and they have become a strong part of my passion. The classes and teaching methods for both the courses are unique and captivating.

Drawing parallels has been a favorite hobby of mine for as far as I can remember. While some of them just reflect imagination, others immaturity. 
Don't go down the path of maturity. Rather choose creativity... 
This has become my talisman for the past few days and although I do not fully appreciate it, there is a sense of power behind it. Paradoxically, one has to go down the path of maturity to be able to advice it.

  1. Here is something you begin with for a start-up: you have an idea and you are addressing a problem; which is no different from the plot of the movie.

  2. The executive summary when first submitted talks of a single point being addressed, not of all the problems in the world. A filmmaker begins the journey with short-films which again tries to address something specific.

  3. The details one has to work out before actually being able to take a shot: sound, camera, lights, action, etc. While shot is an unit of film, product is the unit of a start-up. One has to think about the various aspects for developing it: market, pricing, marketing, technology, etc. 

Those who understand Algorithms, as superficially as I do, would be immediately concluding that everything actually falls into it.  
  1. You are given a problem (or identify one)
  2. You write the data structures (details of a shot or aspects of a product)
  3. You design the algorithm (shot or product)
And finally execute it (film or start-up)
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