October 23, 2010

OASIS 2010

~The night is the new day~

Well this post is definitely not out of psenti feelings or for people feeling psenti. These are the initial experiences of my second edition of OASIS and how they map to the first one. Fourth year and just two editions you say? Don't you laugh. There are those who are just seeing their first and even those who haven't seen any (despite being on-campus.)

Perhaps because I have never really involved (or been involved) in the cult fest I find my fist whenever someone utters the word psenti and attaches it with the fest. So, today on the day of inaugural, I decided to stay away from the maddening crowds. Luckily I had company in the wing and we ditched the inaugural. But its not hard to guess what would've happened:

  • bigger and better
  • heroic entries of the StuCCAns
  • mime
  • bigger and better
  • dance and of course,
  • "The 40th edition promises to be bigger and better than ever before!"

The coming-of-age. I say that because it gave me everything I ever wanted on campus: friends to hang out with. All of us were in the Audi Force (a department for superheroes) and our job was to make sure no explosives, narcotics or match boxes went inside. And once inside we had to ensure no one caused trouble. 

On the one hand, we had to be careful that we don't show up in the media footage: shepherding people or even worse, checking them; and on the other, deal carefully with the outstation participants, especially the fairer sex. We managed it quite well in the end.

OASIS 2008 ended and so did the train of holidays that followed it; but I never recovered from the celebration mood. To me it was like a festival that refused to end. Thus began the bitsian transformation: 
  • idling
  • chatting
  • movies
  • purposelessness

Life really changed with just those four days and if there was one thing which came out unscathed it was restlessness! I had to restrain myself many times from regretting certain things. Somehow, I ended up doing only what I wanted to do. I still don't know if that is right or wrong. All I know is that it is foolish trying to do everything on your own. 

Fortieth OASIS
And now, two years later, I stand in front of a similar-looking OASIS. Technically the participation has increased, the organizing team looks promising (being our batch) and it is definitely bigger than ever before.

We went hunting for food around 11. On first sight, the campus looked like a fair, and it took just a few seconds to catch the OASIS fever. We tried to make fun of the host at the Blackberry booth but looked like people did really enjoy his jokes. Pitying them we made our way to C lawns and then to the humble abode of ANC

Although I was decidedly sleepy after downing two ice-cream shakes, the superhero friends I made back then dragged us to Nutan. We talked wittily about how winter always comes in with the fest and mockingly about how the first-timers could enjoy OASIS.

Ironically, it was peaceful seeing the cars, the people and the chaos. As I reached the room, sleep transpired to thoughts and worded this post. What doing now? I sit in my room blogging, wondering how unreadable the EPC edition (Lorem Ipsum :P) would be tomorrow. 4 AM. Insomnia!

~The night is the new day~
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