October 26, 2010

Day 4, OASIS 2010

The penultimate day. A time when events start decreasing in number and the enthusiasm rises one last time. Today's big three:
  1. Razzmatazz
  2. Bhayanak Maut
  3. Motherjane

The first round, where teams performed on songs they practiced for, was absolutely fantastic. The right choice of songs and the fluid moves earned them the crowd support and votes. Some of the colleges were truly a class apart and this event was definitely a great platform for them to display their talent.

The second round's performance was also really good and it was really difficult to tell each team from the other. Teams usually faltered at the random songs section but it was smooth as honey this time. The final round having an unknown song plus props exposed some teams while others unleashed their creativity and entertained everyone. Like every year Razzmatazz was awesome.

I had backed out of Bhayanak Maut and was also in half a mind to sell the ticket for Motherjane's show. But then I had a feeling it was going to be okay, after all they are India's #1 rock band. Pumping up hopes we went and occupied the seats in the balcony (which was one big mistake) wanting to listen to some good numbers. What we saw and heard was simply stunning.

Although I did not find the lyrics to be catchy (nor the tunes) they had given a great performance. The lead guitarist, Baiju, made all the difference. His fingers moved on the guitar as if peeling a sugar cane stick and people just waved down to him after each song. Vocalist wasn't bad either but he needn't have asked anyone to join their fan page/group on Facebook!

The best part really was their face paint and also the universal appeal their band name had. They have won quite a few laurels and are popular in some parts of the world. Hope they continue to do so. The only thing they should have perhaps done was to sing some popular numbers but they stuck to their own music. (both pros and cons to this)

Back to routine
Tomorrow's the last day and for the Department of Spectators the last event is the fashion parade. I found it totally boring in the second year, let's see if there's any change ;)
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